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Anna Valley takes on laser projection

LED floor display at X-Factor 2017

Anna Valley has said a recent acquisition of digital display technology will see the company becoming one of the biggest LED flooring providers in the UK. The AV company has turned to laser projection with a 50 per cent increase in projection stock.

The new stock will be used in both the event and broadcast rental markets and includes significant orders from Viss, Unilumin and Panasonic.

Anna Valley has doubled its current stock of high-resolution LED flooring, which is popular amongst their live broadcast clients including X-Factor and The Voice.

While many providers stock 8mm or 12mm pixel pitch flooring, Anna Valley now boasts one of the biggest volumes of the higher resolution, 7mm pixel pitch displays in the UK.

The company has also boosted its 300-square-metre’s worth of 3.9mm LED panels with corner LED panels from Unilumin.

Building displays around 90-degree angles using standard LED panels results in a black line interrupting the visuals where the two panels meet, but these specialised panels are cut at 45 degrees so that they slot together seamlessly around corners – making them an ideal choice for creative LED designs.

Finally, the purchase of a range of Panasonic Laser Phosphor projectors and a suite of new lenses see the company adopting laser projection and converting to a Panasonic projector house.

Laser Phosphor projection replaces the standard projector lightbulb with lasers and phosphors to generate light, which reduces the amount of maintenance a projector needs and provides consistent brightness and reliability over time.

These acquisitions are in addition to Anna Valley’s recent purchase of four Hippotizer Boreal + Media Servers. The company said they provide increased processing power for large displays and generative content capabilities for interactive visuals.

The capabilities of this new technology, and possible applications for the event industry will be demonstrated at Anna Valley’s Emerging Technology Showcase to be held on 8-12 January.

“Digital display technology is advancing at an incredible rate,” said Anna Valley technical and operations director, Peter Jones. “LED pixel pitch and resolution improvements have disrupted the market and laser projection is a step change in projection technology. As an AV company, we need to ensure that we can provide our clients with the tried-and-tested benefits of new technology to meet their creative vision and budget and these purchases will help Anna Valley maintain our position as LED specialists while building our projection capabilities.”