Meet the editors at Festout

Access All Areas editors

Annie Blinkhorn and Murielle Gonzalez

Group editor Annie Blinkhorn has confirmed her attendance to the Festival and Outdoor Events Show, Festout (27-28 September, Sandown Park).

Annie boasts almost two decades of experience in mainstream, trade and niche publishing including B2B, B2C, art and antiques and consumer interest titles.

“The outdoor and events industry is varied, vast and thriving. It’s a very exciting time to join Access All Areas!”, Annie said.

Also attending Festout is online editor Murielle Gonzalez. Murielle has over 10 years of work experience in newspapers and B2B magazines.

Murielle commented: “I can’t wait to meet and greet events profesionals at Festout and I look forward to learn more about this industry.”

Register to attend and make sure you shake hands with the editors.

Safety Review: how was it for you?

Let’s face it, festival and outdoor event organisers work very much like architects. Pick a plot of land, build a small village or town, shepherd in a few thousand or more people, lay on a splendid array of entertainment, send everyone home and break down. Safely.

With a plethora of regulations, from CDM to LOLER and all manner of guidance, there are still lingering doubts and questions, especially when it comes to responsibilities and duties.

Good news: Gavin Bull, HM inspector of Health and Safety, is taking part in a Q&A session to be held on Thursday 28 September, at Festival and Outdoor Events Show (27-28 September, Sandown Park).

Light on presentation, heavy on Q and A, this session is set to clarify and enlighten visitors in all aspects of health and safety related to live events sector.

Bull has spent the past few years within the sector, overseeing the introduction of CDM into the construction activities. Beyond his duties as inspector, he has provided insight and encouragement that has led to better dialogue and guidance for clients and contractors.

The Safety Review – 2017, how was it for you? is part of a content-packed programme to be held at The Main Stage sponsored by The Ticket Factory. Reserve your place and register now.

Editor’s note: Contact Access’ editorial team if you would like to send your questions in advance or leave it in the comment section below.

Dive on in

Now that a vast blue whale skeleton has replaced ‘Dippy’, the Diplodocus cast that stood in Hintze Hall for 35 years, the Natural History Museum is keen to highlight what else the venue has to offer event professionals. Head of venue hire, Robert Wetherell answers Access’ questions.

What areas of the Natural History Museum are most popular for events?

The museum and galleries are split nicely into three main spaces. This roughly fits in with the amount of entrances we have into the museum, so we’re pretty flexible on how event planners can use the space.

Fossil way is popular as a pre-dinner drinks area before guests enter Hintze Hall. However, saying that, if anyone wants to use Fossil way for an event coming through from Earth Hall, then we can switch to Hintze Hall where guests can use the dinosaur gallery for reception drinks. We are very versatile.

How often do you host events at the museum? 

Most nights. Our busiest periods are autumn and Christmas; we could easily be running two or three events on the same night.

We share the spaces with the public events team at the museum, hosting mainly sleepovers and launches. We also stage a popular New Year’s Eve party. It is our ambition to host an event every night of the year after we close our doors to the public, and we’re not that far off.

Natural History Museum’s official opening of the newly designed Hintze Hall.

How has the blue whale’s move into Hintze Hall been received?

The reaction has been incredible. We launched it on 13 July, which was the first time guests could see the blue whale in its diving pose in that space. It was the first time anyone was able to have dinner and drinks underneath the skeleton too so it was an awe-inspiring evening.

The following day, we had our members’ launch and the following week, we held our first corporate event in there.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the first wedding of the summer. It’s sure to create an extraordinary experience and be really exciting for the lucky couple.


Editor’s note; This is an excerpt of the feature published in 214 issue of Access All Areas. The digital edition is available now.

EventFlash UK: Darlington-based theatre receives grant

Making headlines this week:

– Darlington-based theatre receives grant: Theatre Hullabaloo has welcomed a £140,000 grant from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation towards the costs of programmes to engage young audiences and families.

Other news making the headline this week:

– Kerrin MacPhie has been confirmed as the new head of business events at VisitBritain/VisitEngland.

– FaceTime to announce survey findings at AEO Conference

– Event weather

EventFlash UK is produced by Mash Media in partnership with LiveBuzz. It is the only weekly video round-up solely for the events industry.

The programme is presented by Martin Fullard with videography by Karam Dhillon.

Festout 2017: What’s on the stands?

The Festival and Outdoor Events Show (Festout) is brought to you by the organisers of the Event Production Show and the publisher of Access All Areas. It is a brand new launch event aimed at bringing together suppliers and organisers from the entire outdoor events industry.

The two-day show will take place 27-28 September at Sandown Park, Surrey and will see suppliers, venues and organisers of events across the music, sport, cultural and public spectrums come together to do business.

What’s happening on the stands?

A collection of exhibitors tell Mash TV what they are planning on bringing to the inaugural Festout show.

The director of Luker Rowe, Peter Tilsed, says he’ll win over the crowds with a few sweets and a lot knowledge. Harry Sloan, director and co-founder of Beetle Juice Events Ltd will be showcasing the bar set up at the event with music and cocktails taking centre stage.

Greg Lusk, founder of Liveforce AS, will be talking all things future, with product demos and audience feedback. And event sales manager for Site Equip, Adam Gilbert, announces that it is releasing a brand new product at the event.

Be sure to ‘Meet the exhibitors’ with Mash TV before the launch of the show this September.


Festout 2017: Meet the exhibitors

Mash TV has produced the Festout series, a range of videos to highlight some of the features both exhibitors and visitors can get out of The Festival and Outdoor Events Show.

In this video, exhibitors from Beetle Juice, Liveforce AS, Luker Rowe, Site Equip, and Telenet Global Logistics talk about their companies, products and services.

Two-day event

The inaugural Festival and Outdoor Events Show (Festout 2017), is a new trade show brought to you by Mash Media, the organiser of the Event Production Show and the publisher of Access All Areas.

The two-day show will take place on 27-28 September at Sandown Park, in Surrey.

Festout 2017 will see suppliers, venues and organisers of events across the music, sport, cultural and public spectrums come together under one roof.

Registration for the Festival and Outdoor Events Show 2017 is now open. Get your complimentary ticket today.

EventFlash UK: Olympia London to host charity boxing match

Making headlines this week:

– Olympia London to host charity boxing event for those affected by Grenfell Tower fire.
Hammersmith-based gym State of Mind Fitness, has announced that a special boxing event will be taking place at Olympia London on Friday 15 September.

Other news making the headline this week:

– Association of Independent Festivals calls for investigation into Live Nation;s business model

– Korean organisation sets up company in Oxford offering new concept for exhibitors

– Event weather

EventFlash UK is produced by Mash Media in partnership with LiveBuzz. It is the only weekly video round-up solely for the events industry.

The programme is presented by Martin Fullard with videography by Karam Dhillon.

Get the ball rolling

The St John’s College May Ball is listed as Time magazine’s seventh best party in the world, but just how did they receive that status? The college has held extravagant balls for the students of Cambridge for years, with this year being the 129th anniversary.

It’s famously known for its firework display taking centre stage as punts gather in the river just to catch a glimpse of the show; the technical event production team at Hawthorn have been there to make sure everything is in check ready for the big night.

Access was treated to private tour around the venue ahead of the show this year by James Hunter, the project director at the company to gain a crucial perspective of the workload provided for the evening.

“Hawthorn supply all the tech production as well as power distribution, audio across five stages, lighting to architecture, grounds and stages, projection mapping to the side of First Court Chapel and laser display post reworks,” he explained.

The university college is divided by Courts, all separated into different genres. This year’s theme, Time, featured elements from the roaring 20’s theme of Second Court to the flower power of the 60’s in New Court.

The laser show was a first for the night. Hunter told Access that with the support of Laser Graffix, the company provided “a stunning high impact laser show that will follow on from the reworks display”.

The laser show proved to be a success that guests weren’t expecting, meaning that St John’s and Hawthorn pulled off the unexpected display.

The planning

The company has worked alongside the college for over ten years now, with Hunter involved for the past 12. He describes the experience of working with his clients at the college as ‘very accurate and detailed’ in order to get the party at the top of the pile of everyone’s wish list.

“We do the initial site visit with the college committee in either December or January typically. Followed by more visits in spring,” added Hunter. “Once onsite, the build to get it all up takes three days with the fourth day being live from 7pm until 6am. We then take the whole job down in one day.”

The clients of Hawthorn for this event are the students and the committee, and therefore the demands for the ball, vary year on year. This year, the students even built a gramophone sculpture to sit in the Second Court as a decorative element to signify the iconic 1920’s. Other extravagant pieces include a red wine fountain and ice cream and candyfloss stalls.

“It is always a fresh approach,” said Hunter. “There is always an overarching theme to the ball.”
Orange and pink flower arrangements were strung across the bridge, as well as fairy lights leading the way for students from the Fireworks display to through to third Court. “Each court has its own style and create, that we then design to. We take initial concepts and bring ideas to life.”

Hawthorn Ahead of the market

With technology rapidly advancing, Hawthorn work together to keep ahead of the game in the battle of the best Cambridge college party.

“Our market position demands our tech is relevant and cutting edge,” Hunter added. This month, both St John’s and Trinity, the college next door, held their May Balls within a day of each other, allowing the natural rivalry to flourish between the two universities.

“With St John’s, we apply the right technologies with to sympathetically bring the college architecture and surroundings to life. It’s not always about the latest and greatest equipment but the right application of our kit combined with our team of exceptional staff,” Hunter concluded.

For the students that had made it to 6am, there was a surviors breakfast and photo, marking the end of the event, until next year.


Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of the feature that appeared in the July/August issue.

Festout 2017: Business opportunities

The inaugural Festival and Outdoor Events Show (Festout 2017), is a new trade show brought to you by Mash Media, the organiser of the Event Production Show and the publisher of Access All Areas.

The two-day show will take place on 27-28 September at Sandown Park, in Surrey. Festout 2017 will see suppliers, venues and organisers of events across the music, sport, cultural and public spectrums come together under one roof.

Why you should come to the show?

“Exhibiting at Festout 2017 will give companies and brands an unrivalled opportunity for business with buyers and influencers that no other event can,” the organiser said.

Registration for the Festival and Outdoor Events Show 2017 is now open. Get your complimentary ticket today.

The great apps for live events

Where would we be without our trusty phones? Even at high profile events such as festivals, there are apps for attendees to stay connected at an extraordinary level, whether that is as simple as ordering a drink at a venue, or the purchase of tickets, and even merchandise.

We spoke to LiveStyled and Second Screen LDN, two app developers for events, venues and festivals, about why they think something as simple as putting features into the form of an application is so popular in the industry.

“Attendees are demanding an amazing experience every time they enter a venue,” explains Adam Goodyer, LiveStyled CEO. “With so much competition in the live event marketplace, venue owners need to look at every angle to enhance their experience whilst at the same time remaining commercially viable.”

Event apps created for this industry are constantly switching up the scene to engage new customers. “Digitally with mobile ticketing and access control, useful venue information and exclusive artist content, an app can reach anyone,” Goodyer adds.

Content at your fingertips

The growing trend of these apps has shifted the way both organisers and attendees view the benefits to waving a phone around at a live event. Although within this industry we are undoubtedly big fans of social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, this has opened a whole new perception of how this digital platform can be used in the most bene cially way possible.

“There was no dedicated social space for fans to share the buzz and excitement from live events,” says Niall Green, CEO of Second Screen, as he describes what encouraged him to build the company. “The industry is always looking at new ways to discover and learn more about the audience and collecting data through an app is one great way to achieve this. Attendees of an event will nd that an app is the most useful way to learn about instant news about an event.”

Both companies work on individually tailoring app requests to meet the client’s requirements. Both LiveStyled and Second Screen have been known to adapt applications to fit the needs of ticketing features, newsfeeds, merchandise outlets or even live streaming.

Better engagement

With the advance of technology in recent years, and thanks to Apple and the iconic iPhone, studies have suggested that custom event apps increase attendee’s engagement. After all, the uses of event apps can vary from useful purposes like the ‘Find My Tent’ app in BC Tent Finder, to help all those who may struggle to find your pop-up home on site grounds in the early hours of the morning. Or to line up announcements on a festival’s own app, such as the Great Escapes new and improved version released earlier this year.

“Apps are one part of the event technology picture and an important part because they provide the ability to learn from, and communicate with, each attendee individually,” explains Goodyer.

“Our job is to help deliver the complete connected event solution where the customer’s journey can be instantly mapped across multiple systems and our data algorithms can then help de ne how each customer should be interacted with. This will happen instantly and constantly providing both a better experience for the individual attendee and on-going commercial uplift at all stages of the journey,” Goodyer adds.

Constantly on the rise, the organisers of the live and outdoor events industry are in competition to up their game to become the leaders in innovation with tech, specifically apps.

“This is influencing the industry by creating an opportunity where these events have a clear two-way dialogue with their audience and instantly alerting their customers to new products or tickets,” says Green. “It’s now considered another platform alongside its social channels which the live event must be present.”

“The future of the tech sector is all about automation and will no doubt influence how the industry moves forward when using technology,” Green concludes.


Editor’s note: This is a web version of the feature published on the July/August issue.