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Up in the air

Four pyrotechnics specialists discuss the danger of the job and how new tech will run the future Those who are defying industry expectations in order to go hand-in-hand with jaw-dropping performances are often overlooked. Truth be told, behind every intricate firework display stands a pyrotechnics team behind-the-scenes, ready to drop everything and work until the

Future In 15 episode 2: etc.venues’ Alastair Stewart on how venue design impacts an event’s success

Future In 15 has released its second episode online. Show host Caleb Parker meets Alastair Stewart, managing director of etc.venues, who shares how bold design of the venue will play a significant role in producing successful events, and how the company engages clients in the design process. He also discusses his company’s top tech adoption and the

Bring on the booze

There’s nothing better than a refreshing tipple on a hot summer’s day. Organisers are capitalising on our cocktail fanaticism with festivals for all types of drinks. Almost everyone enjoys an ice-cold bevvie on a summer’s day, so could this be why booze festivals are booming in the UK? The increasing number of festivals and events

Power it up

Access chats to power providers on how they supply to the largest events in the country To imagine an event without power is something particularly bleak. That would mean no hot food after hours in the cold waiting for a band to play and no lights to guide your way from the stage to the

Belly Laughs

From Bath’s best venues to the upside of using a city as a stage, Bath Comedy Festival is more than just a laugh. One man’s daft situation is a stand-up comedian’s set list goldmine. This rule proves itself more and more each year, with new talent on display in cities like Edinburgh and Bath at

Future In 15 episode 1: Showslice’s Damian Oracki on the sharing economy in events

Future In 15 has released its first episode online. Show host Caleb Parker meets Damian Oracki, founder of Showslice, to understand more about how his company is changing the away the sharing economy can work in the events industry. Episode one is brought to you by VenueDirectory.com and hosted by Chandos House. Showslice works with

Something to chew on…

You’ve got the marquee, you’ve booked the security; the lighting plan is perfection and the speakers are blaring. Now guests are arriving and there’s only one thing they’re asking for—food. Arguably more than any other sector in the events industry, food and catering professionals are expected to keep up with by-the-minute trends. Whether that entails serving

Mash TV goes live

Mash Media has launched a new online video service. Mash TV joins Mash Media’s digital portfolio as a premium advertorial service, with free-access content hosted on its YouTube channel and published across its existing websites: Access All Areas, Conference & Meetings World, Conference News, Exhibition News, and Exhibition World. Mash TV will produce and film

Across the universe

Nerdy and proud, bluedot and its organisers From the Fields look to the stars as they prepare for year two

In the Pub: Comic Relief’s Emily Turnham

After a heavy start to the year, Access sits down for a much-needed coffee with the Gallopathon organiser