Blackout reveals Take That tour efforts

July 31, 2015 2:34 PM

Blackout has revealed its work on Take That's 2015 tour, for which its sewing department manufactured a bespoke drape.

Take That's 2015 tour used the drape as the projection surface for a shadow puppetry scene, running from April 2015 October 2015.

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald are currently making their way across Europe on a 51 date tour; their first as a three-piece band.

Acclaimed production elements on the tour include an under-the-sea' scene, complete with psychedelic jellyfish.

Looking for a way to keep the scene change hidden from the audience, Take That's production team led by Chris Vaughan contacted Blackout.

The company's in-house fabrications department manufactured two 38 metre wide by 17 metre drop white poly-lined drapes.

On a curved truss, the drapes close during the scene change, shielding the entire stage and set from the audience.

Once closed, the material is softly-lit with gobos, and becomes the canvas for shadow puppetry and bright, multi-coloured projections, keeping the audience mesmerised while the set change goes on unnoticed behind.

Blackout's fabrications manager, Jenny Clark, said: The material was carefully chosen to ensure it worked well with the lighting and video projection, allowing the shadow puppetry to really stand out. Incorporating fabric into a show like this is a really simple, yet incredibly effective way of making more of a scene change. It worked really well and had a certain element of surprise.

Emma Hudson