De Boer, Blue Martini, Ice World, Aggreko and Acorn team up for ice rink

April 21, 2015 9:14 AM

De Boer UK, Blue Martini Group, Ice-World International, Aggreko, and Acorn Event Structures have joined forces to present an innovative ice rink construction and operation to event organisers.

The five organisations created a fully operational ice rink and hospitality suite at De Boer's UK headquarters in Brackley, Northamptonshire, which was attended by event organisers and venue operators.

The outdoor installation, which was displayed in an ambient spring temperature of approximately 21C, included a 20m circular ice rink and 15m Ice Slide created by Blue Martini Group, Ice World International and Acorn.

The power generators and temperature control solutions were presented by Aggreko, while De Boer showcased its latest Anova curved roof structure.

John Cochrane, De Boer's sales director of events said: Despite being just days into spring, event organisers and venues are already thinking ahead to next winter, so what better time to experience the range of products and services our organisations can provide, in a relaxed and non-pressured environment.

John Burgess, client services director at Blue Martini Group, which has recently been appointed sole UK distributor for Ice World international's aluminum temporary fold-out ice rink system, said: Our organisations have an enviable track record creating memorable ice rink experiences and this event will demonstrate how our individual services can be provided, either as a collective package or individually, to create show-stopping events next winter.

George Dickson, general manager of events; Northern Europe, Aggreko, added: The event was intended as a fun day out while also highlighting the expertise needed to create the very best, purpose-built, ice rink installations.

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