Industry representatives release HSE guidance document

March 6, 2015 9:38 AM

An industry group has collaborated to create a new guidance document ahead of revised HSE guidelines in the latest CDM regulations.

These regulations are due to come into force on 6 April this year, and will affect all event sites.

The Guidance for the Management and Use of Stages and other related temporary event structures' brings clarity to working practices within the temporary structures and staging industry.

Contributors from Serious Stages, StageCo, Star Events, Acorn Event Structures, Arena Group, Capita, Momentum, Symphotech, The Event Safety Shop, and The Production Services Association worked together to create the new document.

It is freely available from contributors' websites to help anyone who has duties under the revised CDM regulations to prepare in advance of their introduction. It builds on a previous HSE draft guidance that was issued earlier this year.

This guide, which focuses on work and management practices, sits well alongside the iStructE's guidance on the technical and engineering requirements for Temporary Demountable Structures and should ensure that promoters and production teams see a uniform approach to sign-off procedures from all major suppliers, said Star Events' special projects director Roger Barrett.

This has been an extensive collaborative process between the major supply companies constructing temporary event structures to arrive at a document we all believe defines working practices that are practical within live event sites, said Serious Stages' MD Steven Corfield.

This should make it easier for us as suppliers, lead contractors and enforcing officers to have clearly defined parameters to work to.

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