Little Wing Film Festival returns for 2018

September 25, 2017 12:12 PM

Little Wing Film Festival was held in North London on 1-3 September and event organiser Mariah Mathew (pictured) has told Access she is already making plans for a second edition next year.

The festival targets a new generation of storytelling and creative expression. The event is open exclusively to submissions from students, graduates, and first-time filmmakers.

Mathew explained: As a recent grad myself, I struggled to find paid work in the creative industry, so I decided to create a space where I could eventually hire myself and give more opportunities for young creatives in a similar position to me.

The festival surpassed Mathew’s expectations. I made a little profit, which is very exciting in it’s first year, so I was very pleased, she confessed.

Mathew told Access that she covered the cost of making festival as she wanted to see how much she could deal with working alone, what the costs would be, and what the kind of interest would be like from sponsors, filmmakers, and audiences.

Commenting on future plans, Mathew added: I would love to run it again next year, though I would want to bring someone else on board and make some adjustments to partners.

In the lead up to the next festival the organiser wants to integrate other areas of the creative industry into putting the festival together, “and create opportunities that perpetuate growth with perpetuate opportunities”.

Mathew explained: I have a lot of ideas of where I want to the festival to go, and events that I’ll put together before the next festival. I want the ethos to always be based on sustainable opportunities, supporting new creatives, and helping build each other up.”

The event organiser told Access that several filmmakers flew in from Israel, the US, and Germany, to name a few, and that she recieved positive feedback from filmmakers and those that attended the filmmaking on a Micro-Budget workshop.

For young talents

The Hen and Chickens Theatre

Little Wing Film Festival was held at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington

As well as a platform to showcase new films, Little Wing Film Festival aims to provide young talents with the tools and opportunities they need to foster career growth, from entertainment and education to networking and support.

With the film guidelines broad and submission costs very cheap, the event has been made accessible to everyone .We want this festival to be accessible and, for most of us, we understand that first projects aren’t usually backed by big budgets, the festival organiser commented.

Mathew reiterated that the festival aims to be a rewarding experience, not only for film-makers who have submitted, but for those who are attending as well.

The festival was held at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in Islington, a venue known for playing a role in launching fringe theatre and comedy careers.

Key partnerships

The Little Wing Film Festival came to fruition with to the support of key companies. Mathew partnered with Epidemic Sound, Blackmagic Design, iPitch.TV, Lee Filters and Rocketstock and collectively they donated several thousands of dollars worth of software and equipment that the festival distributed amongst the 10 award winners. Metcalfe’s popcorn also jumped on board with samples.

Mathew told Access she is currently looking for partnerships in the design industry as well. I want to team up with a university if possible and open up a competition for graphic design students to allow them to create the look of next year’s festival, she concluded.

Murielle Gonzalez