Showsec’s new ventures with Music Plus Sport

The increasing popularity of large-scale concerts are bringing music and sport together with companies Showsec and Music Plus Sport.

Showsec, the crowd management and event security company, will be working with music promoter Music Plus Sport on five major events this summer featuring performances from Little Mix, Jess Glynne and Sir Tom Jones.

Showsec are hoping to start a long-term association with Music Plus Sport.

“We are delighted to be given this opportunity to work with Music Plus Sport and venture into this market of race/sports ground-style concerts, one which has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years,” said Simon Battersby, Showsec director.

Music Plus Sport operate a number of live music brands, including The Jockey Club live venture, as well as concerts at venues such as Donington Park, Alnwick Castle, rugby stadiums and cricket grounds.

“We have worked in the past with their event director Anthony Norris in a different guise, so we hope this will be the start of a long-term association with the business and contribute to a continuation of their success story in the future,” adds Battersby.

Showsec closes summer with Bestival

This year’s Bestival, which was themed the Summer of Love, saw Duran Duran, the Chemical Brothers and Missy Elliott headline the main stage on each of the festival’s three show days.

Showsec’s summer programme drew to a close at the festival.

“We are continually exploring ways to raise the bar higher by delivering very special festival experiences for the enjoyment of everyone, ones which are particularly creative and innovative,” commented Dave Grindle, the Festival Manager from Loudsound Productions.

“To have the confidence to be that bold and ambitious with your plans, you need to have strong backing from the teams who provide essential parts of the whole operation.

“In that sense, we’ve developed a long-standing working relationship with Showsec and it is very important to us to have the support of such a strong team of managers and supervisors.”

A prominent feature of Showsec’s operation was the strong presence of senior management heading up the team throughout the event at Robin Hill Country Park.

While Director Mark Logan acted as head of security, three of the company’s regional managers, Steve Reynolds, Scott Anderson and Richard Church, took on key responsibilities and five area managers provided further support across the whole operation.

As well as directing their own operations, Showsec also played an important part in the co-ordination of an army of Oxfam volunteers providing stewarding support.

“The benchmark is set very high by Bestival in terms of customer experience, so it is important we match that commitment with our level of service,” commented Reynolds, who was the security operations manager within that team for this particular occasion.

The police have reported a 26 per cent drop in the number of reported criminal incidents, while enhanced searches involving Showsec staff, private detection dogs and police advisors ensured that substantial quantities of drugs were confiscated at the entrances.

“The reduction in crime is a satisfying reflection of the emphasis which we place on this element of our operation and indeed the standardised training many staff have completed recently to enhance their skills and knowledge in that respect,” added Reynolds.

Among the many attractions at Bestival, the world’s largest disco ball was back after successfully achieving an entry into the Guinness Book of Records in 2014, while the unofficial record bid on this occasion saw 446 people become the largest number of buskers to sing a song in one place.


Showsec helps keep crime down at V Festival

Showsec worked on V Festival’s 20th birthday celebration this past weekend (22-23 August) at the annual festival in Staffordshire.

The crowd management and event security company provided their services at Weston Park for festivalgoers, working in close collaboration with the Staffordshire police to reduce crime at V Fest.

“It’s been a hugely successful event for us at Weston Park once again this year,” said festival organiser Andy Redhead.

Superintendent Elliott Sharrad-Williams, Staffordshire Police’s lead event commander, added: “Crime has again remained low, with only 70 crimes reported. This has been a real team effort. Event management, security teams and dozens of other partners have worked together to make the weekend such a safe and successful event. We are very pleased with this year’s policing operation.”

Showsec credited its Crime Reduction Strategy to the weekend’s success. 1,400 staff worked on V Festival, and almost 25% of that number had completed all three aspects of the specialist training before the event.

Showsec director and head of security at Weston Park, Mark Logan said: “Crime reduction now forms part of the core duties at festivals and is instrumental in keeping the audience, client and staff members safe.

“By undertaking these modules, each and every staff member is not only helping Showsec to provide a higher level of service; they are also enhancing their ability to reduce crime and make them a more versatile asset to the company.

“Despite the rain, thunder and lightning, everyone managed to stay focused on providing a strong service, with the customer’s enjoyment at the heart of it all.”

Metropolitan Police react to Wireless Festival mass break-in

Following scenes of violence and mass break-in attempts at Wireless Festival this weekend, the Metropolitan Police has issued a statement.

Videos on Youtube document the extent of the mayhem in Haringey where a large crowd forcefully gained access to the event, with some clashing with police and Showsec security staff.

One video appears to show a member of the public with a knife. Police say this is being looked into, with enquiries ongoing.

Wireless Festival attracted more than 100,000 people over the weekend.

The Metropolitan Police reported that at 6pm on Saturday, 4 July, a large group, without tickets, gathered at the entrance to the festival. A police officer and members of the event security team were confronted by about 25 people attempting to force their way in without paying.

After a short period of time, the crowd was dispersed and no arrests were made.

Chief superintendent Victor Olisa, borough commander for Haringey, said: “The Wireless Festival has been held in Haringey for a number of years and is enjoyed by thousands of people. Unfortunately, this weekend we saw a number of people act in an unacceptable manner by trying to barge their way into the festival without paying. While the number of arrests over the three days was low – and mainly for minor offences – we will review footage of this incident and decide whether any action should be taken against those involved.

“I would like to take this opportunity to praise the actions of the officer, and the security team, who managed to control the situation without it spiralling out of control. This is yet another example of the difficulties faced by officers performing their duty.

Officers made 23 arrests between Friday, 3 and Sunday, 5 July for a number of offences including possession of an offensive weapon, breach of bail and drugs offences.

A Wireless Festival spokesman said: “There were a small number of incidents that were dealt with quickly where no-one was hurt, on an otherwise hugely successful Wireless weekend.

“Organisers of Wireless Festival take security very seriously and work closely with ShowSec Security, Local Police and other agencies to put procedures in place to ensure the event maintains an enjoyable and secure environment for all its customers.”

Elsewhere, hip hop star Nicki Minaj failed to show up in time for her supporting slot, arriving two hours late. The US rapper, who in the end joined David Guetta on stage, had apparently been held up on the M1 by ‘travel issues’, leaving fans demanding refunds.

Showsec hails crime reduction at We Are FSTVL

Showsec has discussed how it ‘raised the bar’ as part of a crime reduction strategy at We Are FSTVL.

Showsec, which was recently appointed by Silverstone, was hired to help one of the newest additions to the festival scene enhance its reputation.

Based in Upminster, the event – which took place 28-29 May – featured security by Showsec.

“Showsec provided our show with high level security throughout the planning and delivery stages,” said Reece Miller, the co-director of We Are FSTVL.

“Their hard work and organisation is applauded by ourselves, the authorities and all of the responsible agencies from the show.

Organisers put the successful emergence of We Are FSTVL down to a great emphasis being placed on planning, which this time began back in October.

Showsec worked closely with Havering Police on measures which have proved effective at other festivals.

This sharing of information and planning resulted in a strategic approach to the Crime Reduction Operation, which was implemented to combat any such activity.

The outcome was a reduction in the number of reported incidents of crime across the two days.

“Through our close liaison with Havering Police, we were able to provide a quick response to any criminal activity,” said Paul Legge, Showsec’s Area Manager for East London.

“Together, we can deliver a more effective Crime Reduction Operation because we have more than 400 pairs of eyes on site at any one time to add to the Police presence.”

He added: “A good example of this was our undercover crime team in observing what was taking place on the ground, especially in areas such as a tent or the large warehouse where the strobe lighting, lasers and special effects made visibility limited at times.”