tramlines festival

Tramlines relocates

Sarah Nulty, festival director of Tramlines, has confirmed that the festival will relocate to Hillsborough Park in 2018.

“I’m delighted that our license for Hillsborough Park has been approved. We can now put our plans into practice as we celebrate the 10th anniversary with the biggest and best Tramlines to date,” she told Access.

Nulty said that the first line-up will be revealed early next year. “We are working closely with Sheffield city council on the city centre proposition to ensure that it remains a core part of the weekend and more information on those plans will be released in the New Year,” she added.

Organisers applied for a three-year licence. The event will run from 20-23 July 2018 on the grounds of Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, for its first outing in the new location. It will return to Hillsborough in 2019 and 2020, but dates are yet to be confirmed.

Tramlines extends contract with Gigantic

Tramlines 2016

Tramlines 2016. Photo credit Simon Butler

As plans begin to take shape for the biggest ever Tramlines to mark its tenth anniversary next July, the organiser of the music festival in Sheffield has confirmed Gigantic to supply its total ticketing solution.

“Gigantic always do a sterling job throughout the whole event campaign so we were delighted to be able to agree this long-term partnership,” Sarah Nulty, Tramlines festival director, commented.

The new contract ensures the festival benefits from event support throughout the entire weekend from Gigantic, including its “queue-busting” wireless access control, as well as customer service and marketing.

Nulty added: “As the festival continues to evolve and with big plans in place for Tramlines’ tenth birthday, we knew Gigantic was the perfect ticketing partner and a capable pair of hands for our exciting future.”

Gigantic has been the exclusive online ticket agent for Tramlines since 2014. The ticketing specialist said it developed a queue-busting solution for the tens of thousands of people attending the festival last year, which reduced queuing time by 90 per cent. The festival is now one of the biggest in the UK to offer a complete e-ticket solution across multiple collection points.

Gigantic founder, Mark Gasson, comented: “Tramlines is one of the highlights of the year for many festival enthusiasts, including some of our own team, so we’re delighted to secure a long-term contract with the organiser and support its continued growth.”

Tramlines Festival 2018 takes place on 21-23 July at multiple venues across Sheffield.

Tramlines Festival opens crowdfunding

The city of Sheffield will have the opportunity to buy shares in the local music festival, Tramlines Festival, as part of a £1.2m bid.

The bid that has been set up by Music City Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, aims to preserve the Tramlines Festival for the benefit of the City of Sheffield. The Tramlines Festival last year generated over £6m for the city across the weekend.

“Music City Foundation plans to buy back the festival for the people. Our aim is to support both economic and cultural growth,” said Winston Hazel, director of Music City Foundation.

The current owners of Tramlines Events have agreed to the bid price of £1.2m, which is lower than its market value in order to encourage the public to invest in the event. The offer will be open until mid June. Share packages will start at £200 and registration will open on 12 April.

“Sheffield is one of the most culturally diverse and stimulating cities in the UK. It is the birthplace of Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and Bring Me The Horizon. 7.4 per cent of our population is employed by the creative industries. The national average is just four per cent. We want to ensure that Tramlines continues to support our vibrant culture while also contributing to the city’s economic success,” Hazel concludes.